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7th-11th August 2018

Ask for Angela

An innovative campaign enabling those who feel vulnerable in pubs and clubs to discreetly approach a member of staff and request assistance will be available at this year’s Great British Beer Festival.

The ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative aims to reduce sexual violence and vulnerability by providing visitors to the festival with a non-descript phrase they can use to gain assistance from staff members in order to be separated from the company of someone with whom they feel unsafe due to that person’s actions, words or behaviour.

By “asking for Angela”, an individual is alerting staff that they require help. They will be taken aside, or to a safer location, so they can speak in confidence about what assistance they need.

Assistance available could include: calling a taxi for the individual*; contacting their friends or family; or requesting that the individual causing distress leaves the venue.

Information on the initiative and what to do if you need assistance will be on display throughout the festival venue.


If you feel that you need to “ask for Angela”, please talk to any member of bar staff, steward (dressed in orange), the staff in the CAMRA Membership and Information stand or the CAMRA shop and they will be able to assist you quickly and discreetly.


If you require any additional information, please do contact us by email or call: 01727 798440


*Unfortunately, we would be unable to pay for the taxi.

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